User Agreement

MyBB offers services to those individuals and organizations who agree to all the below mentioned Terms and Conditions. All these conditions are necessary but not all-encompassing. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate service to any user based on our own judgment.

User agrees that forum use is totally one’s risk. Forum is provided "as is" and there are no warranties expressed or implied.

MyBB administration is not responsible for the content of their users forums.

MyBB administration gives no guarantees regarding the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information posted on the users forums, and is not responsible for:

  • any errors or inaccuracies caused by the use of this information;
  • any computer equipment malfunction that occur while using our service, as well as any delay and disruption of our service;
  • any loss or damage caused by content or services provided by users’ forums.

The thoughts and opinions expressed by our users do not necessarily reflect the view of MyBB administration.

MyBB reserves the right to prevent improper use of the service, including denying server access and elimination of posted information.

User is fully responsible for all activities that occur under his/her login name and password on his/her forum which is owned by MyBB.

User agrees not to use the services of MyBB for purposes contrary to Russia's legal system and which violate the confidentiality of information or cause a system malfunction. In case of violation of this commitment, any user data may be deleted without warning.

User is fully responsible for all information posted by him/her or other users within the limits of his/her forum or which are available from the Internet by any other means. MyBB is not responsible for the information posted on the users forums by service users or third parties.

MyBB does not accept liability for any interruptions in service provision. MyBB does not guarantee that services will not be interrupted, that the service contains no errors or that any errors will be corrected.

MyBB service strictly prohibits:

  • Posting (making accessible from the outside) of any content associated with (but not limited to) underage nudity (or sexual overtones) as well as links to such resources.
  • Calling for wrongful acts and violations of the current Russian legal system.
  • Swearing and blaspheming.
  • Any hatred or expressions of hostility towards individuals, groups or organizations.

The forum can be deleted for any content requirements violation without warning.

MyBB has the right (but not the obligation) to delete a forum in which there have been no new posts in the past year.

MyBB has the opportunity to host free user forums through sponsoring advertisers. Therefore, we reserve the right to place advertising information on your forum in the form of banners and advertisements without considering the content of your forum.

MyBB has the right to change some characteristics of your forum banner advertising.

MyBB is not liable to third parties for situations related to third party copyright infringement by service users.

User as a forum administrator agrees that his forum will not include materials that are copyrighted by third parties.

All MyBB system services are provided in the form they were developed in. User cannot require MyBB to upgrade or change service delivery in accordance with his/her personal needs.

Each user of MyBB's free forum service is automatically subscribed to service news with no more than once a week mailing.

The current agreement can be unilaterally changed by MyBB. User will be promptly advised about those changes.

By creating a MyBB free forum you fully accept this Agreement. Best regards, MyBB Administration.